Reduce website load time by serving images in the next generation file formats


Images are the most easy to overlook when evaluating website load time performance. Large images seem like the necessity of modern web design. Something we cannot compromise on and just need to accept as a fixed cost of the creative vision. Who doesn't love a photo of a valley in the Amazon forest covering the entire background of a landing page. How else could you convey the simplicity, thoughtfulness and world changing impact of the software you hacked together over the weekend to manage todo items. Jokes aside, images are easy to overlook, but there are techniques to reduce image size and improve web page load performance without losing friends in the design department. One of which you will learn by the end of this article. Continue reading...

Google will be switching to mobile first indexing in 2020 September


Google will be changing how websites are indexed and it will affect search rankings. From 2020 September websites will be indexed mobile first. This means that search rankings will be calculated based on mobile website version and not the desktop one as before. User experience factors like mobile website quality, performance and accessibility will have higher impact on search engine ranking than before.

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